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New Release: AB Google Map Travel 3.1

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ABGMTP is getting stronger and alluring by its frequent updates ūüôā

The latest update AB Google Map Travel 3.1 gives you flexibility for setting your own Google map API key very easily through the plugin settings.

As you might know Google recently withdrawn or limited the free usage of its Google map API after like 10 years of free service.

Follow these steps to create and implement a Google Maps API Key. Google gives you a very large amount of free credits every month which makes their maps service virtually free. To date, none of our customers have ever reported needing to pay anything. Even so, you can set limits and alerts.

  1. Go to the Google Maps Platform welcome page then click Get Started.
  2. Choose Maps, Routes and Places (all three) then click Continue.Enable Google Maps Platform
  3. Log into your Google Account or create a new one, if necessary.
    You may need to repeat the previous steps after logging in.
  4. Choose ‚ÄúCreate a new project‚ÄĚ, enter a name, then click¬†Next.
    Google Maps New Project
  5. Set up billing for your new project then proceed to enable your APIs.
    Google gives you such a large amount of free credits every month that to date none of our customers have reported needing to pay.
  6. Click the API Console link to restrict your key’s use to your website only (important).
  7. Under¬†Application restrictions, choose ‚ÄúHTTP referrers (web sites)‚ÄĚ then add¬†the two entries below (replacing¬†¬†with your own¬†domain). Type the first entry¬†then hit enter on your keyboard to add it.¬†Repeat to add¬†the second entry. Having both¬†entries (with asterisks) will help ensure your maps work on any URL of your*
    **Google Maps API Restrictions
  8. Click Save then copy your key that is now shown on the screen.
    Google Maps API Done

Once you get the key copy it in to the plugin settings and update the settings. That is it.

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